Sunday, 8 February 2009

T2 hair-action

A quick post tonight, but i wanted to share my glee at the interesting hairstyles in seminal 90's sci-flick Terminator 2 (incidentally one of my all-time faves). 1) Eddie Furlong's pre-emo uber fringe, which has an almost feminine urge to hang over Eddie's eyes whilst he looks into the distance at some rapidly dismantling future machine. 2) Would-be aid to Furlong 'Roddy Piper' look-a-like's mullet (allied to lovely vest-top) 3) Last but not least, ginger mullet'ed buddy of Master Furlong, who seems to be a walking advert for the southern US stereotype, involving stone-washed denim, unfashionable hair, and a dubious legal background.. Despite the fact this movies is getting on for fifteen years old, a cheeky snipe at the fashions of the time could not be resisted...

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