Sunday, 1 March 2009


A stunningly exciting event transpired as I was driving along a rather busy and misty A38 recently.. Truth be told, I had been preparing myself mentally for this monumental occurence for a couple of weeks, and the preparation had involved calculations, machinations, and other 'ations' which cannot be alluded to here in case I overexcite any reader, and cause, through some transference of excitement, like those molecules in a microwave oven, to frazzle the mind!!

This event, ladies and gentleman, was, the passing of 100,000 MILES in my trusty Ford Escort Finesse 16v!! I hasten to add, only 9000 of those miles were due to my foot weighted on the accelerator, but I feel priviliged to have witnessed at first hand what is my virgin 'Revolution' Of course I gained pictorial evidence of this. Fellow drivers must have thought I was an ardent/insane 'Twitterer', or ardent/insane checker of 'Facebook updates' whilst I poked my phone camera at the speedo and took the picture at 70mph.. Despite my appreciation of the moment, I was still acutely aware that it was a touch dangerous, but my journalistic urges compelled me.. Hence, even as nobody is reading this, I share the news..

A 'brand new' 1998 Ford Escort Finesse 16v anyone?

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